Entdecken Sie den Unterschied von Coconut Bay

Hier bei Coconut Bay sind wir überzeugt, dass Qualität und Detailarbeit den Unterschied bei der Auswahl eines Bauträgers ausmachen. Coconut Bay hat sich über Jahre hinweg erfolgreich einen ausgezeichneten Ruf erarbeitet.

Ausführung des Außenbereichs

Ausführung des Innenbereichs





What our clients say

We have our home build by Coconut Bay Construction and could only monitor it from oversees. During the work all was perfectly cleaned up, scheduling was on time, communication and service were very good and quality in the end was unbelievable. Kay D.

My clients and I are beyond pleased with the professionalism of the team at Coconut Bay Construction. As a realtor I find it of utmost importance that my clients are brought confidence by the builder with open book communication, efficient time management skills, excellent project management, eclectic and beautiful design options. Nadja E.