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Floor Plans

We offer a portfolio of home plans for Cape Coral & Fort Myers. Clients are encouraged to modify any plan to suit their needs or design/build.

Home Remodeling

Clients choose Coconut Bay for remodeling services due to our vast experience that is focused on quality & superior craftsmanship.

Exclusive Homes from Coconut Bay Construction

At Coconut Bay Construction, our belief is that quality and detail are the difference when choosing a Cape Coral Home Builder. Coconut Bay has successfully built a reputation of distinction. Many of our customers come from all over the world. We specialize in offering a boutique type of experience for them. From the initial design, to the first time you walk through the door of your newly completed home, the custom home building process is made seamless.

The design/build process begins with a blank canvas. We help bring to life the thoughts and ideas of our clients. For many of our clients, our semi-custom homes offer the benefits of high-performance custom homes with a streamlined process to accommodate a broad range of budgets and lifestyles without compromising quality. Our clients will attest to the ease and enjoyment of partnering with Coconut Bay to design and build the home of their dreams, all the while meeting the requirements of their budget. View our homes.

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